All BSWA members are required to comply with the following Standards and Practices:
Staff, when hired, are provided with / or have access to a Policy and Procedures Manual that is reviewed and updated annually
Staff are provided with and/or have access to constantly updated Treatment Procedure and Product Manuals for all treatment modalities
Staff are given a job/responsibility description upon hiring, followed up with annual (more often if desired) individual performance evaluations
Company complies with the principles of ILO (International Labour Organization) with regard to staffing – including standard working hours – wage minimums and working age requirements
Staff conditions of employment and salary rates are; at minimum; in compliance with Indonesian government regulations
All spa staff are appropriately trained and/ or hold an appropriate certification in spa therapies
Therapists are, at a minimum, certified in Balinese Massage techniques, through the Bali Spa and Wellness Association Advisory Board (additional certifications to be determined at a later date)
Specialized staff such as naturopaths, nail technicians, hairstylists, nutritionists, physiologists, psychologists, and medical technicians comply with applicable international and/ or national regulations with regard to licensing, registration and appropriate certification
Staff who perform advanced techniques and/or use advanced technology are appropriately trained and function in compliance with the manufacturer’s instructions and guidelines
The Director/Supervisor of any fitness and/or aerobics program has at least a current certification from a nationally or internationally recognized organization in the health/ fitness industry
There is an ongoing commitment to staff developing language skills other than Bahasa Indonesia and English, for example Japanese, French, etc
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Safety and Security
During hours of operation and for all physically challenging, supervised activities held both on (e.g., hydrotherapy) and off (e.g., hiking) site, there is at least one staff member scheduled and present who has current CPR and first-aid certification
A first-aid kit is properly stocked and readily available at all times and located within easy access of staff
Staff are trained in basic first aid/CPR
A written emergency plan is posted in plain view at all appropriate staff stations. The plan includes standard emergency procedures for specific incidents and phone numbers of police, fire and emergency medical assistance
All staff are trained in emergency and evacuation procedures eg fire, bomb threats
All procedures for cleaning and maintenance are in accordance with applicable international and local regulations, and with appropriate manufacturer’s guidelines
All staff have passed the basic Spa Hygiene test developed by SOS Medika and BSWA
All floor surfaces are designed and constructed to accommodate the intended activities for each area, for example, wet areas, exercise areas
Signage is posted; and is easily visible; to alert and educate guests about possible risks and practices as needed in areas such as: exercise studios, pools, wet areas, saunas, steam rooms, whirlpools, racquet sports courts and any other potentially hazardous areas
The spa has a monitoring system; for example a check list; for ensuring appropriate control of temperatures in all areas where guests are exposed to high thermal stress (e.g., saunas, steam rooms, whirlpools)
The spa’s facilities and operating procedures comply with all applicable international and national guidelines regarding workers safety and guests with disabilities
If the spa includes fitness and weight training equipment, staff are available to provide assistance and instruction in the proper and effective use of such equipment
Areas both within and outside the spa are well lit and secure
Secure lockers and/or safety deposit boxes are available for storage of guests’ personal items
Responsibility for any loss, damages or personal injury is clearly communicated to the guest
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Guest Relations
Written material is provided that accurately depicts the facility, nutrition/diet/wellness and other programs, philosophy, rates, deposits, customary tipping and gratuities, cancellation policy and grace period for refunds
The spa promptly responds to guest complaints and resolves them in as timely and efficiently a manner as possible. The spa attempts to resolve within 60 days any consumer complaints brought to its attention by the Bali Spa and Wellness Association or Tour /Travel representatives
Guests are able to express their concerns and suggestions regarding facilities, staff and programming through a feedback system designed to encourage guest feedback
The spa has current liability insurance or the equivalent for the purpose of guests’ protection
Spa programs and menus are designed to encourage the guest toward health enhancing activities and wellness while acknowledging the guest’s current health status through a confidential registration document
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Staff are courteous, helpful, knowledgeable and articulate
Staff are committed to anticipating the guests’ needs and serving them
Staff believe in the concepts of spa wellness and are willing and able to share these philosophies with guests
Staff zealously guards the guest’s privacy and modesty; for example, with appropriate draping
Staff are attentive to preserving the spa environment at all times; for example, by maintaining the spa ambience
Management and Staff are familiar with basic cultural differences and the ways in which these may affect guests expectations and behaviours
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Code of Ethics
Member of BSWA can not be a committee/caretaker of the same association industry
Member of BSWA shall pay membership contributions in accordance with its category
Member will be guided in all activities by truth, accuracy, fairness and integrity
Member agrees to pursue and support the objectives of the Bali Spa and Wellness Association
Member pledges to keep informed on the latest techniques, developments and knowledge pertinent to professional improvement
Member will help fellow members reach personal and professional fulfilmentt
Member will utilize every opportunity to enhance the public image of the spa industry
Spa will use the name ‘Spa’ only if they live the ‘spirit’ of the official Spa definition
Member will abide by the philosophy of Tri Hita Karana (THK)
If any members are suspected or involved in criminal acts, ethical violations and moral norms such as the practice of covert prostitution, the BSWA will conduct an independent investigation. When the member (spa) is proven to perform such activities, then the spa will be excluded from the BSWA membership
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Practices proper labelling and ensures ingredients are listed correctly
Takes an ethical approach to business – acquiring and vending products with honesty and integrity
Has in place a Quality procedure to ensure that items ordered are delivered as per the customers expectation
For cosmetic and edible products, practices proper labelling and ensures ingredients are listed correctly in descending order
For cosmetic and edible products provides accurate expiry dates on the packaging
Ensures products contain no unhealthy or toxic ingredients
Represents product and ingredients accurately
Seeks to comply with Indonesian Government policy and regulations regarding product
Provides for training on products where appropriate
Provides free of charge product promotional material
Provides competitive pricing and offers benefits to the customer rather than commission to the staff
Offers accurate delivery deadlines
Works within the premise of protecting the environment and the sustainability of natural resources
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Safety and Security
Guest Relations
Code of Ethics
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